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Requirements for Recording Presented Documents

As of January 1, 2008 all documents presented for recording must meet the following requirements:

  • Be on white paper of sufficient weight to reproduce in registry scanners
  • All documents and attachments must be on paper that is no larger than 8.5 inches by 14 inches
  • Printing shall be on one side only; double-sided pages will not be accepted
  • Documents that contain printing, writing or other markings must be sufficiently dark in appearance to be legibly reproduced on standard registry scanners
  • Margins on all sides of all document pages must be of sufficient size to be legibly reproduced on standard registry scanners
  • The first page of all document pages must contain a "recording information area" in the upper right hand corner measuring three inches from the top edge of the document and three inches from the right edge of the document that is free from all writing or printing
  • If the document does not contain a "recording information area", an official registry Document Cover Sheet must be attached
  • Document must be signed with an original signature and notarized if required. Signers' and notaries' names must be printed under the signature. Notary expiration date is required
  • Do not put social security numbers or personal identification numbers on any recorded document
  • Do not highlight any document text
  • If a document refers to an attached exhibit, ensure the exhibit is included and place all exhibits and addenda at the end of the document. Reduced Registry of Deeds descriptions as attachments are not acceptable
  • Unit deed plans must be legible. Reproducible copies made from floor plans will be rejected if they are not in compliance
  • Clip all multiple page documents. (Do not staple checks or letters to the document/s)
  • Telephone numbers and addresses must be on all checks. Document recording fees must be in the exact amount and total due should be paid with one check or cash. No personal checks shall exceed $200.00 and identification must be presented
  • No more than 10 documents shall be accepted for recording at one time


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